The Highline

In the Beginning...

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC provided site surveying and Planned Unit Development (PUD) support services. The scope of the project was to raze the existing Burger King and construct a new mixed-use building on an underutilized site. The site presented unusual challenges as it is located adjacent to the WMATA and CSX rail lines crossing over Florida Avenue, NE. Understanding the particular constraints of developing a site adjacent to a major rail line and roadway was essential to revitalizing the site.

The project was also part of the Union Market neighborhood, with other adjacent sites undergoing concurrent re-development. A condition of the PUD approval required a park to connect Florida Avenue, NE to the Union Market, which demanded in-depth coordination between multiple development teams.

The Process...

CAS Engineering-DC, LLC provided full engineering and surveying services for the project including:
  • PUD support and documentation
  • Topographic and boundary surveys
  • Site / grading plans
  • DC water and utility plans
  • Stormwater management design
  • Streetscape design
  • Construction inspection and as-builts

Completing the Project

Working closely with Level 2 Development and Eric Colbert Architects, CAS Engineering-DC, LLC, provided expert testimony at the PUD hearing and other District of Columbia Department of Transportation (DDOT) meetings to obtain approvals for the development.

Being along a rapidly changing portion of Florida Avenue, NE, extensive coordination with DDOT and their streetscape plan was required. Collaboration and coordination with the project landscape architect, Lee and Associates, resulted in an excellent cohesive streetscape and park design. A multi-phase traffic control plan was imperative to constructing the building efficiently while ensuring pedestrian safety and minimizing traffic disruption.

Within Florida Avenue, NE, DC Water and other utilities, including a 13.5-foot diameter combined sewer main, required routine coordination during design and construction. Additionally, this project was submitted and constructed shortly after the new District of Columbia Department of Energy and the Environment (DOEE) stormwater management regulations were released and in the early stages of implementation. Our staff worked closely with DOEE considering all parties involved had to carefully study and understand the new regulations.

In the End...

Understanding the various review agency requirements, project goals, and overall plan was crucial to success from start through final design approvals and construction. CAS Engineering-DC, LLC was able to leverage their experience and relationships to efficiently design the civil portions of the project and provide support during construction. The new building and park are now an integral part of a rapidly changing Union Market neighborhood.

If you’re contemplating a PUD or large-scale mixed-use project, add CAS Engineering-DC, LLC to your team as the civil engineer and permitting expert.